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The Mobile Administration Program

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Mobile Administration Program*

Novartis’ Mobile Administration Program (MAP) was created to provide patients with access to receive Sandostatin® LAR® at a time and place of their choosing, making it more convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective than traveling to a medical facility. Mobile administration can also give you the confidence and peace of mind that medicine is being administered to patients by a trained healthcare professional.

This program does not replace the care or authority of the prescribing physician. Patients still keep their regular physician appointments.

Benefits of MAP

No guesswork


  • You know that your patients will receive the right dose, at the right time, using the right technique

Convenience for your patients


  • Your patients can receive injections when it is convenient for them. Nurses are available outside traditional office hours, including weekends and evenings

Important things to note about MAP

  • The program does not replace your care or the authority of the prescribing physician. It simply provides your patients with the convenience of home injections. Patients still keep their regular, scheduled physician checkups
  • Patients must receive their first dose of Sandostatin® LAR® in your office
  • Nurses who take part in this program are specially trained to mix and administer Sandostatin® LAR®
  • Certain restrictions apply
  • Program availability varies by country