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Nurses managing patients with acromegaly who are being treated with Sandostatin® LAR® can find information about the disease, treatment, and ways to support their patients on this page.

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Support for Nurses

Understanding the Appropriate Patient for Sandostatin® LAR® (octreotide)

Brochure offers information on the appropriate patient type for Sandostatin® LAR®, including dosing and administration, what patients can expect while on treatment, and the various support groups that are available.

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Support for Nurses

Achieving Optimal Treatment Outcomes with Sandostatin® LAR® (octreotide) Therapy

Comprehensive brochure discusses the successful management of a patient receiving Sandostatin® LAR®, how treatment works, and why continued monitoring is critical to helping patients reach their treatment goals.

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Support for Nurses

Patient Follow-Up During Sandostatin® LAR® (octreotide) Therapy

When a patient has not reached biochemical control, this guide can help walk you through any necessary dose adjustments, provide tips to ease patient concerns, including coping strategies, and offer other helpful nursing considerations.

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Mobile Administration Program (MAP)

Your patients may prefer to receive treatment at a time and place of their choosing because it can be more convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective than traveling to a medical facility. The MAP program provides eligible patients with access to a trained nurse to come administer their Sandostatin® LAR® injections at a time and location convenient to them.



Contact your local Novartis representative for more information on MAP.


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