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  • Design/Patients: Phase III study enrolling a total of 101 patients who achieved GH levels of <10 µg/L (and, in most cases <5 µg/L ) while on subcutaneous Sandostatin® (ocreotide acetate) Injection
  • Treatment: Patients switched to treatment with Sandostatin® LAR®
  • Duration: 27–28 months
  • Design/Patients: Phase III study enrolling 151 patients who had GH level of <10 µg/L, and who had received a stable dose of immediate-release Sandostatin® Injection, twice a day (bid) or 3 times a day (tid), every 4 weeks
  • Treatment: Patients were switched to Sandostatin® LAR®
  • Duration: 12 months

The primary efficacy variable in these trials was GH level.2,3

Secondary efficacy variables were IGF-1 levels and clinical symptoms and signs of acromegaly.2,3

1. Lancranjan I, Bruns C, Grass P, et al. Sandostatin® LAR®: A promising therapeutic tool in the management of acromegalic patients. Metabolism. 1996;45(8 suppl 1):67-71. 2. Lancranjan I, Atkinson AB; the Sandostatin® LAR® Group. Results of a European multicentre study with Sandostatin® LAR® in acromegalic patients. Pituitary. 1999;1(2):105-114. 3. Cozzi R, Attanasio R, Montini M, et al. Four-year treatment with octreotide-long-acting repeatable in 110 acromegalic patients: predictive value of short-term results? J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2003;88(7):3090-3098.

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