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Powerful Efficacy Proven Results

Hormone Level Reduction1

Sandostatin® LAR® delivers effective control of both GH and IGF-1 levels1

Sandostatin® LAR® Effective Control of GH and IGF-1 Levels

Symptom Control2

Sandostatin® LAR® provides symptom control in acromegaly (N=151)2

Sandostatin® LAR® Provides Symptom Control in Acromegaly

Symptom control is an important therapeutic goal in acromegaly.3

Sandostatin® LAR® delivers significant improvement in 5 common symptoms of acromegaly.2

Tumor Shrinkage

In two clinical studies, Sandostatin® LAR® demonstrated reductions in tumor size in patients with acromegaly.1,4

Significant tumor reduction (≥20%) was experienced in one study of previously untreated patients (n=68)4

In another study (n=43), tumor shrinkage was observed in1


No patients experienced an increase in tumor volume while on treatment with Sandostatin® LAR® outside the ±20% measurement error.4,5

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