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After a patient has been diagnosed with acromegaly, you as the physician are faced with the first challenge in disease management: determining the best course of therapy to optimize each specific patient's outcome.

Whether your patient has recently undergone surgery and is medically naïve, or whether your patient has been receiving medical therapy, achieving biochemical control is the primary goal of managing acromegaly.1,2 This is based on the premise that achieving biochemical control (random GH <2.5 µg/L and normal IGF-1) can help reduce morbidity and normalize life expectancy.1,2

Sandostatin® LAR® is proven effective in treating acromegaly.3,4

Based on clinical studies4:

  • 68% of patients experienced both GH <2.5 µg/L + IGF-1 normalization
  • 72% of patients experienced reduction of GH <2.5 µg/L
  • 75% of patients experienced IGF-1 normalization
  • 75% of patients experienced significant tumor shrinkage

The GH and IGF-1 results are based on a study of 110 patients with acromegaly attending 2 centers who were retrospectively evaluated after a minimum follow-up of 18 months on Sandostatin® LAR®.5

The reduction in tumor size result is based on an international, multicenter, prospective, open-label, 48-week study with Sandostatin® LAR® administered intramuscularly at 4-week intervals that was initiated in 98 previously untreated patients with acromegaly.4,5

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