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Clinical Experience

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More Than 12 Million Doses Administered Worldwide1*

Choose more than 20 years of clinical experience1†

Sandostatin® LAR® is the most prescribed and most studied medical therapy in the treatment of acromegaly. Sandostatin® LAR® has a well-established safety profile backed by more than 2 decades of clinical use and more than 1.2 million patient-years of experience.1*

  • >10,000 published articles2‡
  • >600 clinical trials1‡

*Includes immediate-release Sandostatin® and Sandostatin® LAR® for all approved indications.
For all approved indications.
Combined experience with immediate-release Sandostatin® and Sandostatin® LAR®.

Sandostatin® offers the benefit of 1 type of therapy, available in 2 formulations. Sandostatin® Injection, approved for use since 1987, is a subcutaneous (s.c.) formulation of the drug octreotide acetate.1

Sandostatin® LAR®, the long-acting formulation of this drug, was approved for use globally in 1997 and maintains all of the clinical and pharmacological characteristics of the immediate-release dosage form of s.c. Sandostatin® Injection. Sandostatin® LAR® provides the added feature of convenient, once-monthly administration and has a well-tolerated safety profile backed by more than 2 decades of clinical use.3-5

Did you know? Sandostatin® LAR® works at the site of the tumor to regulate GH secretion and cell growth.6 Learn more.

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Please see the Summary of Product Characteristics.