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Tumor control for patients with advanced neuroendocrine tumors (NET) of the midgut or unknown primary tumor location1:

  • The recommended dose of Sandostatin® LAR® is 30 mg administered every 4 weeks
  • Treatment with Sandostatin® LAR® for tumor control should be continued in the absence of tumor progression

Symptom control for patients with symptoms associated with functional gastroenteropancreatic NET:

For patients not currently receiving s.c. Sandostatin® Injection1

  • It is recommended to start treatment with the administration of 20 mg Sandostatin® LAR® at 4-week intervals

For patients currently receiving s.c. Sandostatin® Injection1

  • It is recommended that patients should continue at the previously effective dosage of s.c. Sandostatin® Injection for 2 weeks after the first injection of Sandostatin® LAR®
Patients who achieve good symptom control with 20 mg of Sandostatin® LAR® after 3 months may have their dose lowered to 10 mg.1 For patients in whom symptoms are only partially controlled after 3 months of treatment, the dose may be increased to 30 mg of Sandostatin® LAR® every 4 weeks.1
Guidelines* recommend 30 mg of Sandostatin® LAR® for tumor control.2
*ENETS Consensus Guidelines recommend Sandostatin® LAR® 30 mg for antiproliferative purposes.2

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