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Administration by a healthcare professional:

  • Helps a patient receive the right dose at the right time, using the right technique

Proper administration technique

Administer the injection at a 90º angle

Note: Sandostatin® LAR® must be given only by deep intramuscular injection, never intravenously.


  • Insert the needle fully into the left or right gluteus at a 90º angle to the skin
  • Slowly pull back the plunger to check that no blood vessel has been penetrated (reposition if a blood vessel has been penetrated)
  • Depress the plunger with steady pressure until the syringe is empty. Withdraw the needle from the injection site and activate the safety guard





  • Activate the safety guard over the needle in one of the two methods shown:
    • either press the hinged section of the safety guard down onto a hard surface (figure A)
    • or push the hinge forward with your finger (figure B)
  • An audible “click” confirms the proper activation
  • Dispose of syringe immediately (in a sharps container)
The Mobile Administration Program makes administration simpler by providing patients with nurses to administer Sandostatin® LAR® in their homes.