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Nurses treating patients with Sandostatin® LAR® can find information about the disease, treatment, and ways to support their patients on this page.

Downloadable Resources

Support for Nurses

Understanding the Appropriate Patient for Sandostatin® LAR®

A brochure offering information on the appropriate patient type for Sandostatin® LAR®, dosing and administration, and ways to talk to patients about carcinoid syndrome.
Support for Nurses

Recognizing Patients Who Are Experiencing Distress

This brochure may help you to identify patients in need of support by providing coping mechanisms, ways to recognize distress, and information about one treatment option that might help.
Support for Nurses

Follow-Up Visit of a Patient with a Functional Midgut NET

A helpful brochure that guides you through what to expect when managing a patient with a functional midgut NET, including information on nutrition and symptom management for diarrhea.

Mobile Administration Program (MAP)

Your eligible patients may prefer to receive treatment at a time and place of their choosing. The MAP program provides patients with access to a trained nurse to come administer their Sandostatin® LAR® injections at a time and location convenient to them.

Contact your local Novartis representative for more information on MAP.